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Maison Pébeyre Truffle Honey


Editors Notes:  La Maison Pébeyre, founded in small village of Southwestern France in 1897 by Pierre Pébeyre, deals exclusively with truffles. Family-owned and run for four generations, Pébeyre serves as the gold standard among all truffle connoisseurs. Throughout the years Pebeyre has garnered international recognition for its high-quality products.

This beautiful jar is filled with the most amazing truffle honey; you can see the truffle pieces floating right in the jar! When you open the jar, the room fills with the fragrant aroma of truffle. Truffle honey is best served on cheese or pastry. 

Product Details: 

  • Size: 8.8 oz. |  250 gr.
  • Brand La Maison Peb
  • Made in France

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