Frutto di Bacco Room Fragrance Spray


Editors Notes:  Designed to perfume the air around you, Carthusia’s home fragrance spray was created by combining the same ingredients and the same fragrances contained in its signature perfumes. “Carthusia Note” lets you relive the sensations and atmosphere of the most enchanting of places.

The scent of sun-ripened grapes becomes a fine essence for your home. Carthusia has gathered in it Capri’s vineyards features: sweet, fresh and passionate. Wine has always been a product of the island, the result of a passion for land and for those still-living traditions. Bacchus fruit is an essence of unique traits: the lemon freshness meets the dark woods and musk tones, but it is the rose touch that makes a difference.

Fragrance Profile:

Head Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Red Apple

Heart Notes: Red Wine Grapes, Rose

Base Notes: Wood, Musk 

Product Details:

  • Made in Italy on the Island of Capri
  • Notes Fruity + Woody
  • Size: 100 ml. | 3.4 fl. oz.


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