Gucci Osteria at the Gucci Garden Florence, Italy

Gucci Osteria @ Gucci Garden

Address: Piazza della Signoria, 10, 50122 Firenze FI

Website:   IG @gucciosteria

Phone: +39 055 062 1744

The Gucci Osteria in Florence, Italy (Firenze) is the very definition of La Dolce Vita! We are currently touring Italy sourcing new and exciting products for elleKME.  We were delighted to receive an invitation to the Gucci Osteria upon our arrival in Florence.  We've visited the Michelin starred osteria twice now and it won't be the last time!  On our first visit we enjoyed an à la carte brunch including Massimo Bottura’s signature tortellini in a decadent parmesan cream sauce, fantastico!  

This past Sunday during our second visit, we partook in Gucci Osteria's seven course tasting menu a glorious 2.5 hour culinary journey infused with flavors from around the globe.  One of us (me) is a vegetarian which Executive Chef Karime Lopez & Co-Executive Chef Takahiko ‘Taka’ Kondo accommodated flawlessly. They prepared a vegetarian equivalent to every course served, for example the Bao Bun was served with a delicate and flavorful eggplant filet instead of pork belly etc. At the time of this writing the seven course tasting menu titled "Our Souvenirs" is priced at 150 € per person, plus wine by the glass or bottle, there is also an option to add a (5 glass) wine pairing at 90 € per person.

Complimentary glasses of Franciacorta Brut 'Cabochon Fuoriserie N°023'

Server pouring sparkling wine at Gucci Osteria Florence, Italy

Course 1. U-Taku Shrimp (Vegetarian option shown) Avocado, Tostada at Gucci Osteria 

U-Taku Shrimp, Avocado, Tostada at Gucci Osteria

Course 2. Midday + Midnight ... Spaghettata - Spaghettini, Artichoke Ceviche, Mint

Midday + Midnight ... Spaghettata - Spaghettini, Artichoke Ceviche, Mint

Course 3. Memories of a Summer in Versilia - Crispy Cod with Mediterranean Flavors

Memories of a Summer in Versilia - Crispy Cod with Mediterranean Flavors

Course 4. Taka's Bun - Steamed Bao Bun with Pork Belly

Taka's Bun at Gucci Osteria Florence, Italy

Course 5. Rossini’s Chianina - Chianina (Italian Beef), Black Truffle, Brunello, Caviar 

Rossini’s Chianina - Chianina (Italian Beef), Black Truffle, Brunello reduction and Caviar at Gucci Osteria Florence, Italy

Course 6. From China to Campi Flegrei - Beetroot, Pomegranate, Tangerine

From China to Campi Flegrei - Beetroot, pomegranate, tangerine at Gucci Osteria

Ciokarrua - Pumpkin, carob, coffee

Delightful service provided by Gucci clad waiters, of course! 

A server at Gucci Osteria - Florence, Italy

Gucci Osteria Decor - Black open back chairs covered in lush teal velvet compliment the olivastro green walls in a delightfully eclectic setting that captures the magic and history of Florence. The top of the tableside bench holds your wine and the bottom holds your handbag because it's .... GUCCI!

Table settings at The Gucci Osteria Florence, Italy

Even the menus are captivating

 Gucci Osteria Menu Cover

Insider tip - after lunch / dinner take a walk upstairs to explore the Gucci exhibit, it's a lot of fun! Or shop in the on-site Gucci boutique where you'll find exclusive Gucci designs. 

The Gucci Boutique at the Gucci Gardens Florence, Italy


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